Welcome to Medzone
      Medzone Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed Pharmaceutical manufacturing          Company to produce products of highest quality standards to furnish to the increasing needs of          pharmaceutical sector.

      Medzone has committed to offer the best healthcare products through high level of Research &          Development and make them available at affordable prices.

      Medzone has set stringent standards of Quality, Safety and Efficacy for all the products that we          manufacture in our company.

      Medzone strategic design aims at catering to the needs of the vast Indian market as well as the          overseas market.

      Medzone’s manufacturing plant is equipped with sophisticated machines and manned by highly          qualified and trained professional.

      Medzone has completely integrated R&D, Technology and Engineering capability that enables us to          be cost effective partners on a sustainable basis.

Business Focus
Our Business strategy involves three different modes of operations
      Contract Manufacturing
      Export Marketing
      Domestic Marketing

We have highly sophisticated facilities with large amount of manufacturing capacity that drives us to focus on Contract Manufacturing. We have currently a handful of reputed customers and scope for our business is improving day by day.